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Lecrure #1 Types of business documents (part 1)

Lecture #2 Types of business documents (part 2)

Lecture #3 Business writing

Lecture #4 The requirements of security, data protection, copyright and intellectual property legislation

Lecture #5 Document Management Systems 

Lecture #6 Information Classification Systems

Labwork #1 Resume Writing

Labwork #2 Reference Letter

Labwork #3 Good news letter and Bad news letter

Labwork #4-5 Company Logo and Application for Employment

Labwork #6 Employee Perfomance Report

Labwork #7 Job Description 

Labwork #8 Business Meeting

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MICT. Labwork #12

Labwork #12. Online presentation
Goal: to learn more about Online presentation makers.
1.Find information in the internet about online presentation services (3-5 services).

2.To compare them (use table):
Name / address

3.Use 3 different services to make presentation about ICT using in your life (at least 3 slides)
4.Send report to lenadvirna@gmail.com.

MICT. Labwork #11

Labwork #11. Google Forms using
Goal: to learn more about Google Forms using
Theoretical part
Google Forms Full Tutorial From Start To Finish
- How To Use Google Forms - video

Make registration form to some event (form#1).
For example to science conference.
Make a quiz about ICT using (form#2). At least 5 questions.
Make invitation for your birthday party (form#3).
Send your forms to other student of your group.
Analyze answers. Make screenshots.
Send report to lenadvirna@gmail.com.